Bali Psychlogy is For Sale


I set up this little site a few years back to promote my Psychology and Counseling services in Bali.  As I am no longer based in Bali and yet still getting several counseling request from new clients every month, I am interested to sell the website.

Site Traffic

Bali averages 20 visits per day for some high value keywords.  Since the traffic comes from normal searches in Google, it is absolutely free.   Also the traffic is very specific to people looking for support with counseling in Bali.

Here are current rankings in Google for the most important keywords:

  • bali psychology #1
  • psychology bali #1
  • psychology in bali #2
  • bali counseling #3
  • counseling bali #2

Another point is that since is a top level and exact match domain name, it will always remain high in search engine rankings for these terms.   What that translates to for the owner of the site is free advertising.    Here is the traffic detail from our web server (note: the yellow column shows daily and month visits) –   Also note that stats have stayed about the same over the past 12-18 months



 Client Requests

I receive an average of 7 new requests for counseling every month from the website.   See a selection of these requests from client emails here

What’s Included in the Sale

  • Top Level Domain Name – (registered with Godaddy through 2/2/2013– $18 value)
  •  Complete WordPress Website with Custom Thesis theme ($500 value)
  • All Graphics, Images and Web Content ($100 value)
  • Referrals from old clients

Who This Site Is For

This site is a great way for any counselor or psychologist in Bali to start and/or augment their current business and to serve those in need of counseling help on Bali.  With just a bit of work to change the content of the site, the new owner will be up and running and receiving contacts from potential new clients right away.  

Contact Details

Contact me using the form linked here to discuss details.

Gabrielle Ament, M.Sc.