Client Emails

Here is a selection of emails I’ve received in the past year.  I’ve suppressed the email addresses for privacy.   If you decide to purchase the site, you will of course receive those addresses.


Dear Gabrielle
My daughter is 20 years old and is in Bali for a few weeks. She has a
problem about her self esteem about her body and as a result have a
behaviour disorder . She wants to receive counselling on this. I
understand that you are in Ubud. We are in Seminyak. I wonder if its
possible to meet with you halfway or if you do come down to the
Seminyak area.

Thank you for your response.

Hi there, I’m coming to Ubud on the 9th of June and would like to book
at psyc consultation if I can. The 10th or so would be great- I’m in
Ubud for a week and think some sort (is not a series) of counseling
type sessions would be very valuable.

Is this up your alley?


Hi Gabrielle

My name is ….. I’m a teacher at the …. School. I’d like to
book an appointment for my girlfriend and I on Tues 5 or Wed 6 June.

Do you see clients of Sundays? (so 3 June?)
Are all your appointments in Ubud? (as I live in Sanur)
What is your fee?

Many many thanks!

Dear ms Gabrielle,

I am based in Bali and would like to have some counseling on issues
from my childhood that now seem to be playing up. Could I see you to
discuss these and how you propose to approach resolving these?
For this first discussion I prefer my wife to be present. She will be
on Bali next week and leaving for Europe for two months on Friday. I
am reasonably flexible next week. If this is not possible for you we
can make a later appointment.

Thank you,

Dear Gabrielle,

After 14 years contcat and 7 years marriage, unfortunatelly still
without kids,we are currently facing a for us diffcult and depressive
situation how to continue together and would like your professional
counselling to cope with this.

We tried already to contact you per phone  as mentioned
on your website but we got the message that the number is not defined.
Could you contact us for appointment for counselling.
per e-mail as mentioned, per phone: ….. or
per skype: ajstravers or natstravers

Thanks and kind regards,

Dear Gabrielle,

I came across your website. Let me introduce myself, my name is …….., am 32 yo. Married to my husband for 3 years. We have a 2 yo
old boy and now I’m in my 7 months pregnancy. And for the past 3 years
we have been struggling with our marriage, mainly caused by
communication problem. And for the past 8 months, my husband has been
seeing and involved romantically with other woman who is 16 yo younger
than him. He said its just for the sex and that he needs someone who
he can share his thoughts and talk to.
I was wondering if you can give us marriage counseling and help us
with our situation. Please let me know. Thank you.


Dear Gabrielle
My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have had quite a
trying past 2 years and now decide to seek professional help. The
reason why i need personal help too is because i started hitting my
husband and breaking things in the house – actions that i am not proud
of and finding out to deal with. I have never touch anyone before or
ever exhibit violent behaviour like this and it’s hurting the
marriage. My husband was initially keen on counselling together but
recently became a bit doubtful if it will help us at all. I believe we
need help individually and as a couple. We have many issues and i
don’t know how to communicate with him effectively anymore. We need
help and i hope you have time for us.


my name is Ketut. I got your name from google.

I just want to talk to you to see if you can help us in terms of
counselling for our marriage. My number is…… I have some
questions to ask but were unable to call you at your mobile number. If
you can get in touch with me, I’d appreciate it.


We would like to seek more information about relationship counseling.I tried your phone number but it does not seem to work. Would you mind calling me at ..

I’d like to find out more about your counseling services, specifically
in regards to your experience with children .

I have a dughter who was adopted as an infant and is now 11. We live
here in Bali and I feel that she would benefit from speaking with
someone about her adoption other than myself. Looking forward to your

Hi Gabrielle,
my name is …. – ive come to bali for one year as part of a phd i
m doing….im from australia…..
am interested in some counselling sessions…..
can you tell me if this ispossible and your rates?

I am goiing to bali for three weeks on holiday and i have had some
anxiety before and if it happens while in bali i want to kknow that
there are psycologists that understand english that i can go to. Where
on bali are you and how much is it for every session?
best regards

HI there Gabriel,

I am pretty surf my GF has Borderline personality and she also agrees.
She shows many of the symptoms, especially emotional instability and

I was wondering, do you offer diagnosis and treatment? As we really
need to confirm our suspicions and start dealing with this problem

Please let me know.

Thanks for your help.

We are having some behavioral issues with our middle son …. He is
11. We feel maybe some counseling could be helpful.
Thank you,

Hello- I am going through an emotional crisis and am in search of the most calm,natural,setting I can have to get some therapy about past pain and moving forward into a new life. Could you tell me more about yourself and the place you work does it have accomodations? Please e mail me any info you have I would be free to come in January.Best
Hello gabrielle. My family is living in ubud and my son, 7 years, is
having some issues perhaps in relation to managing his emotions at
times at school. We, including our son, are keen to talk to a
psychologist about there issues and we found your site online when
looking for this service in ubud or bali. Are you still practising in
ubud? If so we would like to book an appointment with you. I look
forward to your reply. Kind regards,
I am searching for a therapist in Bali to treat my daughter who is now
living there. She is a diagnosed Bi Polar, inflicted, 30 year old who
seems to be doing well, however, she is somewhat dependent upon her
medications and since living in Bali, (5 months) her therapist here is
against renewing prescriptions without her seeing a therapist there.
If you can assist me in this matter it would be greatly appreciated. I
believe her medication may be far less expensive if secured in Bali.
Is this possible?
Hi Gabrielle
Would you be able to offer me skype sessions? I live in singapore but
visit ubud from time to time. I have just come out of a very long
relationship – it all ended so badly. I accept its over….but I think
counselling will help. I came from England to singapore to be with

Good afternoon,
> I am a Dutch expatriate living and working in Seminyak. I have been
> struggling with some mental issues this year, hence I am looking for a
> professional psychologist to help me move forward.
> Could you please inform me about the price of your therapy sessions?
> Also, could you please inform me whether it is possible to do the
> therapy sessions at my home in Seminyak? Thank you in advance.
> Kind regards,

I will visit Bali in january and will be in Ubud around the 5th till
12th. I am very interested in learning more about me and how to deal
with mild depressions, anxiety and not feeling calm. How much does
your counseling cost, and where can I find you?
Best regards

Hello Gabrielle .

I’m considering visiting Bali in the new year .
I’m looking for a healing/counseling retreat .
Im interested in cognitive types of therapy but also spiritual and
body work too . Is this something you offer or could you perhaps point
me in the right direction .

Thanks for your time

Hi gabrelle,
>> My mother, step father and I are traveling to Bali today and would
>> like to arrange to meet with u.
>> I would like to bring my mum to meet you and discuss her problem of
>> alcohol addiction. At the moment, she doesn’t accept she has a problem
>> however have told her many times.
>> I deeply believe the problems lay internal as she has a hard life and
>> now lives in a small Australian country town.
>> Could you please advice if we can arrange an appointment and what
>> benefits u could potentially provide. May I ask what fee do u charge
>> gabrielle?
>> Thank you so much.

Hi Gabrielle

We are tiring of constant battles with our 5-year-old daughter. We’d
love to have a professional ear on our challenges so far and those

We are based in Ubud, Bali.

Thank you
Dear Gabrielle,
Hi, How are you?
I hope you had a great new years. I would like to introduced is Kasey, I live in Bali Indonesia. I’m half Balinese and
Australian. Turning 23 this year and I would like to try out
counseling to find a solution about my relationship and family issues.
My father died 2005 because of liver cancer, my mum is an alcoholic.
Before he passed away they were going through a horrible divorce
because he was having an affair.My mother is depressed and has been
taking anti despressent for couple of years now. One of my older
brother was caught with drugs couple years ago in Bali and one of my
other brothers is addicted to drugs. I’m still recovering from bulimia
and i have gotten help when I was in Australia in 2006-2007. Im still
recovering from it. I wanted to start try counseling not because of my
bulimic problem but trusting people. I was cheated on my boyfriend
2008-09. Now I’m in a new relationship for nearly 1.5 years with a 34
year old man. I was wondering I could try out some session with you
and i would be more comfortable explaining more about my issues..

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